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Chef-Prepared Healthy Meals – The Best Way to Fight COVID-19

The impact of Covid-19 Over the past six months, we have had to embrace many changes to our lives in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. One of

25 June 2020
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How Important is the Market for Online Fresh Food Delivery Today?

Eating in is the new eating out Almost all of us have grabbed a takeout or ordered home delivery at one point or another,

14 June 2020
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On demand food delivery services during this pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic may be keeping us all safe at home but now more than ever you need healthy and nutritious food.

02 May 2020
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Stay Healthy With Home Cooked Meals

There are many reasons to order home cooked meals online. Not only can they be a fast and convenient

21 March 2020
Online fresh food delivery

What Is the Shape of the Online Market Today?

Many of us lead a busy life where demands on our time mean we need to cut corners, and one area people do this

15 January 2020
order healthy prepared meals online

Eat Clean, Live Longer, Be Healthier, And Look Great!

Clean eating  put simply — is eating food in its most natural form, as nature intended it to be eaten. It’s not processed in

15 September 2019
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Should You Cut Out Carbs?

When you first start to understand weight and fitness goals, it can often difficult to remember key dietary terminology to enable you to choose

15 April 2019

7 Reasons to Drink Green Tea!

Tea has been around for many centuries and has been admired for its medicinal qualities as well as being a tasty beverage. The good

15 February 2019


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How to implement a Healthy Eating Strategy?

We understand you are busy. And when people are busy, our priorities change. Choosing what you eat is probably at the bottom of a

08 June 2020
diet meals online

Are diet meals the new trend in the UK?

Here at The Lions Prep, offering 588 healthy meal combinations, we are keeping pace with customers’ ambitions to get (and stay) in shape. We

15 May 2020
Nutritionally Balanced Food

Get Fresh and Healthy Meals with Nutritionally Balanced Food Online

We all know that we should eat a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Ensuring that our diet is in line with our

08 May 2020