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Do food hygiene and social media ratings help?

28th January 2020
George Taylor

Social media offers a chance for the food industry to enter the conversation and engage and interact directly with the customer.

Many companies use social media to get ahead of the game, with food businesses frequently tweeting to show that they are meeting standards; however, social media can be a double-edged sword. Eateries can use social media to maintain their reputation and branding, but poor food hygiene and a loss of customer confidence online can sink a business. This is the reason, it is important to choose a place that offers quality prepared meals online.

Safety is an important aspect for food operations. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) discovered that customers are increasingly concerned about food hygiene, with 60 per cent of consumers interested in finding out more.

All food business operators (FBOs) must carry out a risk assessment on their own outfit, locating potential food risks and fixing them. Under the General Food Law Regulation, they must ensure that their food is fit for human consumption and that their food labelling and presentation do not mislead consumers.

The power of social media

The FSA relies on social media ratings to identify outbreaks of food poisoning faster than the laboratory reports. Indeed, environmental health officers now use social media monitoring technology when searching networks such as Twitter to spot food poisoning outbreaks.

Benefits of our boxes

If you lack the time to shop or cook, we deliver fresh, professionally prepared meals online that are healthy, easy and convenient.

We take food hygiene very seriously, sourcing food from local farms and markets where possible. These include Billingsgate Fish Market, New Spitalfields Market and Borough Market. We ensure our produce is always ultra-fresh and of the highest quality.

Having high standards of hygiene does not mean that we have to skimp on flavour. We bring you delicious meals created from 588 professionally cooked, healthy meal combinations. You can choose from a nutritionist tailored menu or create your own bespoke box.

Our food safety measures

Our boxes arrive wrapped in packaging that is temperature-controlled to keep it cool. Our meals all have a full ingredients breakdown listed on our website’s menu page.

It is quick and easy to heat the meals in your microwave and our meals will stay fresh for three days upon delivery if refrigerated. To maintain the food in optimum condition, we recommend that you freeze meals on the day of delivery if you want to eat them after the expiry date (our boxes all display an expiry date).

We listen to our customers online

We read all our comments on social media and strive to keep our customers happy, answering queries online. Our users praise our ‘wonderful service’, with our food described as ‘simple and easy to make,’ and ‘tasty and healthy at the same time’. Buyers rate the ‘variety of food’ and find the ‘proper packaging’ a plus. ‘Lush food absolutely fabulous’ exhorts one satisfied customer.

We aim to ensure that our food hygiene best practice is timely and effective, and vow to share the details with you online where appropriate. Together, we have food safety sewn up!

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