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This 90-Day Fitness Program that continues to produce results

15th March 2019
Luke Adams

Way back in 2005, a fitness phenomena spread across the world!  Remember, this was before Facebook had taken off and instagram wasn’t even thought of.  The 90-day fitness workout regime called the P90X, created by American personal trainer Tony Horton was and still continues in some form to be a global success.

Whilst fitness fads come and go, the P90X is probably on the main, timeless. Since its inception it has inspired many workout programs we see today, a classic workout, well thought out, well ordered, and has just about everything from weight training to cardio, cross-training to yoga and stretching.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the P90X delivers results. Thousands of people have tried it and the testimonials are always glowing. Even the detractors will have to admit that despite the fact that the P90X was sold on infomercials, it is a highly effective program that does what it says it will do if it’s adhered to.

Celebrities, athletes, etc. have tried out this extreme program and used it to meet their fitness needs and get into shape within 3 months. 90 days is not a long time but the P90X program is so powerful that the results are visible to everyone. Your friends and family will definitely notice the changes if you ever get hold of the program stick with the program.

The 90-day program uses a technique known as ‘muscle confusion’. While it may sound unique, it just means variety in your exercises and training program. Most people do the same workouts every day and the body gets accustomed to the load placed upon it and sees no further need to improve.

The idea is that with the P90X workouts, your body will constantly be challenged. You will NOT be doing repetitive workouts and motions mindlessly. Your muscles will NOT be able to anticipate the stresses that will be placed upon them. Since your body is unaware of what is next, it is unable to adapt and plateau. Your results will not diminish and halt because of the ever-changing P90X routines.

The beauty of the P90X workouts is that besides being challenging, it doesn’t give you time to get bored. The movements are so varied that just keeping up requires full focus. The fat burning process will be accelerated because the demands of the workout will not give your body time to get comfortable.

The P90X workout consists of 3 stages. Now, the workouts are not easy. They are dynamic, tough and relentless. Yet at the time of release, they delivered results like no other program out there.

Whilst it’s an intense program the good news is you will not be going at it for 90 days straight. Each stage consists of 3 weeks of high-intensity training followed by one week of rest and recovery. This will ensure that your nervous system does not burn out and your fat loss does not come to an abrupt halt. It also gives you a mental break from the stress of the P90X workouts.

The harder you train naturally the stronger you will be and the better your results. No amount of money can buy you a fit body. You have to sweat for it and the P90X will make you sweat buckets. But as the saying goes, ‘Nobody ever drowned in sweat!’

Another core component of the 90-day fitness program is nutrition. All the exercise in the world will not shed the pounds if you’re not on a caloric deficit and eating the right foods. All or meals complement the program and help you maximise the result, so no need to planning, shopping, chopping and cooking.

The effectiveness of the P90X program lies in its ability to keep the body guessing, by challenging it to burn the stubborn fat, by giving you a break when you need one, all whilst eating healthily.

If you have been struggling to get in shape and your body just seems to have a mind of its own, you may wish to try out the 90-day fitness program and with the P90X you could well attain the body of your dreams and be in excellent shape.

So is it still a good workout? Yes, why not? Naturally as the understanding of the effects of exercise on the human body continues to expand, so will various exercises, some can be improved on others really can’t. Most important is to find what works best for your body and something you can do for life!

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