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Lose Weight and Stay Healthy in 2019

14th January 2019
Luke Adams

We are only midway through January and already 50% of New Year Resolutions have been broken by most (according to sources). On most peoples agenda is wealth, healthy and good living. One of the problems as to why we break them is that we usually set too many goals. Sticking to the health resolutions I’m going to give you three simple steps to remember when addressing the issue of what foods to eat (or avoid) when trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

When figuring out what foods to eat or in most instances what not to eat to help lose weight many people start thinking about cutting back on the obvious sugar, sweets and chocolate.

But what else can do? I will provide you with some specifics on exactly what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and other important things to change, but before that, as a new year promise to yourself why not spend a little time or money on a specialist, such as a nutritionist. They can adopt a plan specifically for you that will give you a clear path to the weight you want. It’s funny that we have no problem spending a £100 on a night out, but when it comes to our health, we baulk at the thought of spending £60 on an expert to help your health. Failing that, if you really don’t want a specialist, then check with your doctor and ask him to advise. After all, losing weight is good for you, but if you are in poor health it is important to make sure that you don’t do anything that can make your existing condition worse.

So three simple things to apply to your weight control plan other than cutting back on sugary things:

1. Cut back on Fast food & Processed foods. Fast foods is an obvious one, but many people mistakenly think that all those frozen foods that are sold by “weight loss companies” are good for them. Some of them may be better than others, but you need to read the labels.

Many times pre-processed foods are loaded with sodium and preservatives. Your best bet is to eat these meals in moderation. Find the ones that have the least amount of not just calories but sodium and preservatives too.

I am naturally going to suggest The Lions Prep meals. They are cooked fresh and don’t have the nasty preservatives that come with most supermarket foods and we have specific plans to help you lose weight. You can also freeze our meals for convenience, but the best way is to order them and get two delivery drops a week so you are always eating delicious nutritious fresh meals.

2. Add fruit and veg into your meals. Sounds simple, but I know first hand how challenging that can be. I don’t like veg, and I never fancy fruit unless it’s a really hot day. One great way I found was to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet was to get a vegetarian cookbook. I am a bit of a carnivore, but I found that vegetarian cookbooks actually made fruit and veg look and taste great. Now, of course, you have the wonderful selection from our meal plans, so you skip the cooking altogether.

Eating more fruit is important too. Try to add some berries to your cereal or make fruit smoothies for one of your meals, etc. There are lots of simple ways to get a little more fruit into your diet these days. It’s not just about eating an apple with your lunch, with however you do it, eat more as it will help you lose weight as part of a calorie controlled meal plan.

3. Drink a lot more water and much less coffee, fizzy drinks, etc. Now, I am not suggesting that you cut coffee out of your life completely, but just some cutting back can help you. So, instead of say, 10 cups of coffee and day, why not try cutting that down by a couple and replacing with water? If you do that for a few weeks you will find that you don’t even care about it that much. Slowly wean your self off. If you cant, make sure you drink a small cup of water with every cup of coffee.

Many people do not drink enough water, me often being guilty of that one. Drinking plenty of water will help you not only keep your body hydrated, but it will also flush toxins out of your system.

So there you have it… a simple plan to stick to in 2019 to help with weight loss and staying healthy. Sugars, go without saying… but cut back on processed food, eat more fruit and veg and drink a lot more water. Here is to a Happy and Healthy Year.


Luke Adams


I am dyslexic, please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

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