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Can Healthy Eating Become a Habit?

1st July 2019
Luke Adams

When speaking with experts in any field, hard work & consistency seems to be the common ground. I recently interviewed a leading health expert at a London event and he made it clear that he had been doing weight training five days a week for over 5 years. He looked in good shape but it did not happen overnight. He did not go to the gym for a couple of weeks or months and then stopped. He had to make the gym a habit, a routine, part of life if he wanted to continuously get the results he now has.

Exactly the same holds true with healthy eating. You will never be healthy, eating healthy foods occasionally. You have to make healthy eating a choice a habit if you want to obtain nutritional health. People jump on the bandwagon of healthy eating when they see someone on Instagram, read books or view websites that talk about nutrition. While many of these books and websites tell you what you should eat in order to be healthy, they fail to teach you how to make healthy eating a habit. Thus in a short period of time when temptations come, people fall right back into their old unhealthy eating habits.

I have talked about will power in a previous post, but let’s look at making good living a habit. What is a Habit? According to the dictionary, “a habit is a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance”.

Can you see that if we simply apply this principle to healthy eating we will be on our way to vibrant health?

Bad Eating Habits:

Bad eating habits do not develop overnight. For most people, these habits began forming when we are young. Thus one reason why many adults have a hard time breaking their bad eating habits is that these habits have been a part of their lifestyle for many years.

Why Do We Eat Food?

There are two main reasons why we eat food. One is to supply fuel for our body. The other reason is for pleasure. Unfortunately, some of the foods that give us pleasure are unhealthy.

Most people make their food selections based on what they see, smell or taste. Look at these three sentences: That sure sandwich looks good! That sandwich sure smells good! That sandwich sure tastes good!

Notice that all three statements involve food and pleasure. However, the food that is producing the pleasure (in this situation, the sandwich) may or may not be good for you from a nutritional standpoint. That is why we need to be wise in our food selections and not simply leave it up to our sense of sight, taste or smell.

Eating Healthy Can Be Enjoyable:

Some people think of eating healthy as being boring and tasteless. I think that one reason they feel this way is because most of the commercial ads we see promote foods high in calories, fat, or sugar and only a small percentage of food advertising is done for fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. It is also more complicated and time-consuming to create tasty healthy foods because you’re not adding in fat, sugar and preservatives. Whilst adding natural flavours is now accessible from supermarkets we simply don’t have the time to create healthy food from scratch and ready-made meals from supermarkets are not on the whole healthy. So our choices are limited. We then go with the easy choice of picking food with high calories.

How we are making healthy eating a life-changing habit

At the Lions Prep, we hit this health issue head-on, removing the whole obstacle of the hassle, time, planning and cooking ability. We are making boring health food a thing of the past.

With accessible healthy meals, freshly cooked and delivered right to your door, you can now create your new habits. Healthy people aren’t healthy because of chance. It is because they take personal responsibility for their health. Making healthy eating a habit is a great part of this responsibility. After all our physical bodies have laws that are governed by proper nutrition. If we violate these laws by consistently eating unhealthy foods, we are naturally going to suffer the consequences.

So are you going to ignore this post and continue with your old habits? Check out our latest menu and start to make the change

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